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09 May UK economy to beat recession this year
08 May Revenue to recover unpaid tax 'directly from taxpayer accounts'
07 May Businesses urged to prepare for new flexible working rights
06 May Report indicates surge in self employment
02 May Annual house price growth hits double digits
01 May Higher rate taxpayers contribute two-thirds of total UK tax
30 Apr 'Silver surfer' internet use boosted by tablets
29 Apr Revenue targets undeclared second incomes
28 Apr CBI: Outlook for economic growth is 'exceptionally strong and broad-based'
25 Apr Bank of England to oversee hacking

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BBC News - Business:

UK inflation rate falls to 1.5%
Bosses and cash vanish at shoe firm
Six regions hit new house price peak
Global firms 'need new tax rules'
Judge overturns Uber ban in Germany
Phones 4U founder attacks networks
German investor confidence falls
Radisson halts Vikings sponsorship
Russians urged 'don't panic'
Alibaba raises price of share sale

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