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23 Apr Business leader urges parties to 'rein in' pledges as General Election approaches
22 Apr AA warns of projected rise in car insurance costs
21 Apr Small businesses 'lacking awareness' of VAT rules
20 Apr Surge in start-ups but growth challenges remain
17 Apr Warning over pension scams
16 Apr IMF issues warning over UK deficit
15 Apr UK inflation remains at 0% but analysts dismiss fears of deflation
14 Apr Supermarkets show recovery in sales
13 Apr Pre-election pledges 'damaging' to UK tax system, warns IFS
10 Apr Small Business Act becomes law

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BBC News - Business:

Government borrowing falls to 6.8bn
Tobacco firms challenge packaging law
Cost of rent 'up 4.6% in a year'
UK job quality stalls for first time
Ecclestone challenges 1bn tax move
Nationwide's profits rise 54% to 1bn
Supermarket lights send 'GPS' data
Watchdog investigates lubricant deal
Mazda and Mitsubishi recall more cars
Costa owner appoints female boss

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