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15 Apr UK inflation remains at 0% but analysts dismiss fears of deflation
14 Apr Supermarkets show recovery in sales
13 Apr Pre-election pledges 'damaging' to UK tax system, warns IFS
10 Apr Small Business Act becomes law
09 Apr New Shared Parental Leave rules trigger mixed responses
08 Apr CBI survey suggests that UK growth is accelerating
07 Apr New pension changes come into effect
02 Apr British manufacturing continues to grow
01 Apr Corporation tax change comes into force
31 Mar Global aspects included in Bank stress test

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BBC News - Business:

Tata workers vote for strike action
Talks to resume over rail strike
Cup Final instant replay app tests
Vitamin D to be added to M&S bread
Greek bank deposits at decade low
BBC uncovers tax avoidance scheme
Fifa sponsors call for quick reform
US economy shrank in first quarter
American Express president dies
India's economy surges by 7.5%

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