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23 Dec New rules for VAT on digital services
22 Dec Employment forecasts indicate positive 2015
19 Dec UK retail enjoys 'Black Friday' boost
18 Dec Chancellor announces Budget date
18 Dec Carney unveils Bank of England shakeup
17 Dec Petrol prices 'set to fall further' as inflation reaches 12-year low
16 Dec Treasury unveils new fee-free current account
15 Dec TUC warns of 'two-tier' workforce
12 Dec HMRC campaign targets legal profession
11 Dec Finance Bill 2015 paves the way for new 'Google tax'

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BBC News - Business:

Miliband warning over EU referendum
Bank stress tests cover global slump
Pension data 'sales' investigated
Varoufakis: End 'toxic blame game'
Mortgage approvals at six-month high
Attacks hit BA, GitHub and Slack
Kingfisher fails to nail French deal
Retailers help keep FTSE 100 higher
Cridland to step down as head of CBI
Prada profit takes a hit from China

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