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21 Jan Treasury invites suggestions for 2015 Budget
20 Jan Call for single EU threshold for VAT
19 Jan Scottish stamp duty to be reviewed
16 Jan 4.5 million tax returns still outstanding as 31 January deadline nears
15 Jan Small business group warns of 'two-speed' digital economy
14 Jan Inflation reaches fifteen-year low
13 Jan Government publishes guidance on new 'Fit for Work' service
12 Jan Osborne plans tax cuts for future Government
09 Jan Interest rates to remain at current low
08 Jan Report calls for CPI inflation to be replaced

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BBC News - Business:

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The end of the 'bank' holiday?
Google offers cash to Europe's media
Motorists warned on car hire abroad
Asian shares shrug off Japan data
Oil price hovers at four-month high
Wasps rugby club launches 35m bond
Chinese probe Sinopec president Wang
EE revenue down as BT takeover looms
Shake-up plan hits Deutsche shares

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